Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coloring Folder

What is this nifty little folder you may be asking...

All folded up

It's a traveling Coloring Folder! Isn't it so cute!

The inside of the Coloring Folder

I've been throwing around the idea of making these for a while now. I know Genevieve would love having one of these when we are out a dinner somewhere and we need a little time filler while she's waiting on her meal. They fold up so perfectly and fit right into the diaper pag or even your purse...it's only 7 inches tall.

This specific coloring folder is for a birthday gift for one of Genevieve's little toddler friends. We have quite a bit of Birthdays coming up and I have decided to make 90% of the gifts. At least I'm going to attempt...I'm about to start classes & have 4 this summer!

Detail of the Left Crayon Pocket

Detail of the Center Notebook Holder

Detail of the Right Note Pockets
There are 2 pockets, perfect for bringing along stickers or
placing finished works of art!

I just love the way it turned out and hope our little friend enjoys it! (And I hope their mommy doesn't see this...and if she does, she can guess if it's for her little one ;) )


Sippy Cup Mom said...

I love it! So cute!

Jessica said...

It's beautiful!!! :) How fun!!