Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a little Sun Dress

Today I threw this little number together. A cute little sun dress perfect for my 2 year old! I purchased the fabric that is ready made for a dress.... cop out, maybe, but I loved the pattern too much not to make it. I added the little ribbon to hold it up. And then created a little bow to match. She just looks too cute not to share! And it only took me 30 minutes total for both the dress and hair bow...perfect!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reusable Snack Bags

I had a great find at the fabric store the other night...sample indoor/outdoor fabric pieces for $1 . They were the perfect size for a project that I had stored in the back of my mind, reusable snack bags(I got 2 pieces, each make 2). While at the fabric store, I also picked up some nylon for the inside of the bag. Nylon is a great fabric for this project since it's a nice slick surface, durable and washable! And again, I already had velcro at home. To make 4 reusable snack bags it cost me very little to make (the nylon was a little bit more than I would have liked & not on sale) and will save us a ton in plastic baggies that I have been using for Miss Genevieve's snacks when we head out of the house.

Project Completed: 4/15/10

Skinny Mini

I have such a skinny daughter...she is 2 and tiny. She was outgrowing 18 months pants...the length, not at the waist. I am excited that spring is here and we can now pull out all the 18 month shorts we have. We still had the issue of her shorts or capris falling down all the time. After investigating into some belts, I knew I could totally just make her some myself!

At first I was going to mimic a belt that my friend Jaime has for her twin boys. I even brought it home with me to study. This belt included a snap to go around the last belt loop. After looking at all of my daughters pants, capris, and shorts...I discovered that the snap was not going to work for us with the way hers are designed.

All I did for this project was go to Hobby.Lobby and pick out everything for the 2 different belts. The two belts were very inexpensive to make. The webbing was only 99 cents a yard, the ribbon was 50% off, and I already had velcro at home. To determine the length of the belt, I literally put it on miss skinny mini and used pins to mark my measurements. I then added 3 inches for the velcro, I want these belts to last for a little while. It was fun picking out which ribbon I wanted to use with the webbing. I wanted something fun, but practical that would work with many outfits. I am so happy with how they turned out.

And the best part, they are reversible if we wanted them to be

Project Completed: 4/15/10

Twirly Skirt

I found some super cute fabric on an outing with my friend Jaime and immediately had a vision. I wanted to make a fun skirt, have our other friend do an embroidered shirt, and make some sort of flower headband. I searched the internet and found the perfect skirt tutorial here. I knew it was the perfect skirt for my vision. Mine is much smaller then the one in the tutorial since I have a two year old. But I definitely know that this is a skirt pattern that I will be remaking several times as Miss Genevieve grows up. And I knew I needed to find the perfect flower to complete my vision and found that here. Instead of using a regular button, I wanted to incorporate my 2nd fabric and purchased a covered button kit- and hot glued it all to a round piece of felt & an alligator hair clip. And thanks to my friend Christie, who has an awesome embroidery machine, she helped my shirt vision become a reality.

I love the finished look of all three items together. Genevieve will be debuting the outfit for her 2nd Birthday pictures this weekend. Can't wait!

The Twirly Skirt

All three together

Fabric Flower

Project Finished: 4/14/10 skirt & 4/10/10 flower

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Hug

Hug Pillows that is! That's what I call these pillows that we put on our bed. I have been meaning to remake new hug pillows for quite some time. I've even have had the fabric pinned together for months...just never made the time. I broke out the fabric today to test out my new sewing machine I got for my birthday in March. I figured this was the perfect project to start on with my super cool new Babylock Sewing Machine. I must say that I love my new works much better then my mom's super old hand-me-down machine that I was using. I think this will be the start of a new friendship!

Project completed 4/11/10