Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skinny Mini

I have such a skinny daughter...she is 2 and tiny. She was outgrowing 18 months pants...the length, not at the waist. I am excited that spring is here and we can now pull out all the 18 month shorts we have. We still had the issue of her shorts or capris falling down all the time. After investigating into some belts, I knew I could totally just make her some myself!

At first I was going to mimic a belt that my friend Jaime has for her twin boys. I even brought it home with me to study. This belt included a snap to go around the last belt loop. After looking at all of my daughters pants, capris, and shorts...I discovered that the snap was not going to work for us with the way hers are designed.

All I did for this project was go to Hobby.Lobby and pick out everything for the 2 different belts. The two belts were very inexpensive to make. The webbing was only 99 cents a yard, the ribbon was 50% off, and I already had velcro at home. To determine the length of the belt, I literally put it on miss skinny mini and used pins to mark my measurements. I then added 3 inches for the velcro, I want these belts to last for a little while. It was fun picking out which ribbon I wanted to use with the webbing. I wanted something fun, but practical that would work with many outfits. I am so happy with how they turned out.

And the best part, they are reversible if we wanted them to be

Project Completed: 4/15/10


Jaime said...

Um yea, I need Connor's belt back, and I have some cute fabric at home that I'm going to need some new belts for the boys please. Those are really cute!

Melissa and Nick said...

Jaime, I need some new sewing projects! I would love to make them belts!!!