Thursday, May 27, 2010

Felt Egg Carton

I love, love, love felt play food! There is something about it...maybe that you are able to make it so realistic and it's washable (most of it!). I would love to be able to make all of Genevieve's felt play food...but I just don't have the time for that right now. I picked up a felt fruit and veggie set at Wal.Mart for around $10. They also have a few mini sets of felt food like pizza, snacks, sandwiches, hamburger, and ice cream. Genevieve got a few of those for her birthday.

So at the present time, I feel like we are pretty well stocked on felt food. I just now want to add a few accessory pieces. And then I saw this tutorial and bookmarked it a while back while I was researching free felt food patterns. Genevieve got a shopping basket with a few plastic food pieces and cardboard boxes (which are almost all destroyed) for Christmas. The thin, cheap plastic egg carton the eggs came in was gone almost immediately. In the mean time, I've been cutting our used egg cartons in half for her to store her eggs. But after a few weeks they are destroyed too. That's why I knew I need to make this felt egg carton! And I LOVE the way it turned out...and so does Genevieve!

  • I followed pretty closely to the tutorial, except we already had eggs.
  • I liked her color combo and already had the felt. (A local store was going out of business and I got 3 large bags of felt for $1 each...a steal!) You could have a lot of fun with the colors on this one!
  • I did not purchase the special felt that she recommends, because I already had the felt (see above). And instead just cut out some super strong interfacing that I had from a different project and used that to make a few spots a little more sturdy & attached it with hot glue.
  • I did not do a velcro attachment for the lid. I'm not convinced it needs it...but that may change.
  • This project is TIME consuming!!! I have slowly been working on this project for about a week or so in my free time. I'm not sure I ever want to tackle this one again.

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