Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hair Bow Holder

Back in October I created a Hair Bow Holder for Genevieve. I decided to also make one for my friend's baby as part of her Baptism Gift. I love it so much and so does my friend Laura. Laura likes it so much, she wants to make a duvet cover from the matching fabric of the ribbon (I'm totally for helping with that!!!). I wanted to share this project on my crafty blog. They were super easy to make...and are super cute!

All it took was 2 bottles of paint, 2 different wood pieces,
A "fat" patterned ribbon, and a "skinny" ribbon

The Hot Glue gun was my BFF for this project!

Addison's finished bow holder

Genevieve's finished bow holder
I made Genevieve's significantly longer since she has so many bows!

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Sippy Cup Mom said...

I love it! Makes me want to have a girl even more! :-)

I have something for you!!